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The Opening: The Start of Eight Years a Manager Series [EYAM]

From October 2005 to October 2013 I worked as an Operations Manager at Intel in Hudson, MA.Working as a manager in a high volume manufacturing (HVM) setting was one of the toughest jobs that I’ve held.

I don’t think the challenges I faced were unique to being in manufacturing.It was more tied to being a rookie manager. 

During my 8 year tenure at Intel I learned a lot and my mission is to share some of what I learned in my writing.

Sharing alone is not the point, but hopefully saving you and / or your people a couple of unnecessary steps on the journey is.  I'm hoping that you are able to expand what you see as possible. 

I will cover everything from being a manager to how I became one of the first employee brand ambassadors for Intel and later worked on the actual programing side for that same brand ambassador program.

I’ll also talk about the years I spent working as a side-hustler (running my own business while still working for Intel).  I’ll provide my perspective on what I see going on in the world of work and the skills and posture needed to be successful.  I'll talk about the things you're not "supposed," to talk about.  Like what it was like working in a place where many times I felt I didn't fit in and my talents weren't being leveraged.

I’m a student of life and soft skills is the #1 thing I see needed.It’s not the hard / technical skills alone, but it’s how to use those skills and when not to use them.It’s about being able to read a situation and making the kind of connections with people that allow you to have a bigger impact at work and in the world. 

As I write this I'm open to answering questions if it helps you move forward in your career or helps you to move your organization forward.  Who knows, what you share may and probably will shape the direction of my writing.

I am currently working on my next great full-time opportunity that allows me to leverage my Lean process knowledge and my passion for developing others professionally.  I am a sprinter who loves whiteboards and working on finite projects that involve people, social media and doing something worth doing in the world.  Have you been looking for me?  Let's connect via email.
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