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[video] What Did You do as an Employee Brand Ambassador For Intel?

What Did You do as an Employee Brand Ambassador For Intel?
The video below gives you a breakdown of what I did as one of the first Employee Brand Ambassadors for Intel.  It's part of a bigger movement called, Employee Advocacy. 
The original role was one I did while I was still an Operations Manager.  I was nominated to be part of a group of 200 that would help to humanize (put a face if you will) to Intel's brand.  
It was my job to help tell the story of Intel's mission to have it's technology touch the lives of everyone on the planet.  I did that through videos, social media and in-person presentations.
I later moved to the programing side of the Employee Ambassador program and developed the internal community strategy.  Basically what you had before the strategy was a group of very passionate individuals who were part of the program but didn't necessary feel connected to each other.  
In my role I also ran a beta test for our content distribution system (Dynamic Signal at the time) to show the impact of having our employees sharing Intel centric content on their personal social media platforms.  I put the beta test together with 30 volunteers, held sessions on Social media and social media etiquette, held weekly office hours to share how we were doing, announced contest winners and answer questions.  After 4 weeks of our test we reached 130k unique impressions and nearly 1000 reactions (like, retweet, etc.).  
I am currently working on my next great full-time opportunity that allows me to leverage my Lean process knowledge and my passion for developing others professionally.  I am a sprinter who loves whiteboards and working on finite projects that involve people, social media and doing something worth doing in the world.  Have you been looking for me?  Let's connect via email.
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