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[Video] What Has Been Your Greatest Accomplishment to Date?

In the video below I'll tell you about how I pulled together a team and raised $10,000 in 8 weeks for charity: water.
Besides bringing my son, Emerson into this world, I would have to point to the work I did with charity: water to help raise $10,000 for them in 8 weeks.  
I heard the CEO of charity: water speak at a conference in Boston and was moved to help raise money for them.  
I reached out to my good friend Joel, we brainstormed (where he pushed me to increase my goal of $5000 to $10,000 based on the people I know and good I do in the world) and $10K on 10/1 was born.
The goal was to hold the worlds first 24hr social media-thon on Google+ Hangouts.  
The short story is I pulled together a team of 8 individuals with different talents (proud I did not have to go outside of my network), I secured the majority of the speakers who would be talking and 10/1 and hit our goal.  We used tools like Facebook to promote, create a volunteer group, twitter and tagboard to keep people up-to-date on how much we had raised to date and basecamp to manage the whole project.  
I'm proud that my network made this happen and I'm proud of all the little details (project management) we were able to manage to make it all happen.  I'm happy to tell you more of the details but you can see the website at 
I am currently working on my next great full-time opportunity that allows me to leverage my Lean process knowledge and my passion for developing others professionally.  I am a sprinter who loves whiteboards and working on finite projects that involve people, social media and doing something worth doing in the world.  Have you been looking for me?  Let's connect via email.
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